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You may have considered various layouts and shelving products for your warehouse. These systems offer a high load capacity thanks to steel construction and have the flexibility to be extended or altered to accommodate changes. They follow the “person-to-product” methodology, offering access directly to all items and require manual deposit and removal.

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Heavy metal shelving

Longspan shelving is usually categorised as Heavy Duty Shelving, along with widespan shelving. These tough systems can pack a punch, and their load capacity is usually higher per shelf than some other options.

Adaptable to your warehouse

It can be a standalone unit or units, or fitted in flexibly to work alongside the lower levels of pallet racking systems to really maximise the warehouse floor space.

Easy installation

The frames are usually delivered upright and already assembled, so you can have longspan shelves installed in a jiffy and ready for action. There’s no need for bolting the shelves together, so the boltless system saves time and energy.

Great options for non-palletised goods

This type of shelving unit is perfect for non-palletised goods, such as boxes or loose items. This means it is often chosen for food storage warehouses, giving a heavy load capacity along with the freedom of access and flexibility to maximise space. Make sure your warehouse complies with relevant industry regulations if you are storing food.

Industry Regulation

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Hygiene and sanitation

It is likely that this choice of shelves will be in use regularly, so ensure appropriate measures are taken to maintain correct hygiene and sanitation, particularly if you are using this system for storing food. You should consider having a company sanitation schedule that all staff are familiar with and strictly adhere to. This type of system makes life a lot easier by being able to access the shelves across the unit for regular cleaning.

The only way is up

This system is one of the most popular for warehouses with height to utilise. Thanks to its versatility, warehouse managers can stack shelves upwards and use mechanical equipment such as forklifts or stacker cranes to reach those out of human reach.


Along with its strength and reliability, it can be a really cost-efficient system for your warehouse. The flexibility to attach to new or existing systems also offers the chance to create a bespoke shelving solution.


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