Six Ways to Secure Quality Summer Help for Your Company October 4th, 2018 Comments are off for this post


There’s nothing quite like fun in the sun. When summertime rolls around, it seems like everyone wants to take a dip in the pool or head out on a sun-kissed summer road trip (or sit inside with the AC on full-blast, lamenting this heatwave while waiting for winter.) Whatever your summer plans may be, however, you can bet that companies aren’t “Surfing USA” so much as surfing job sites looking for summer help. For as focused as their searches might be, however, it can often be difficult to find high-quality summer help.

Thankfully, while you’re busy trying to beat the heat, these tips can help you hire workers who will help you beat the competition this summer.

  1. Get Referrals

One of the biggest problems with trying to fill summer vacancies is simply finding qualified individuals while everyone is making summer plans. A more direct approach can be of use here. Encourage people to refer qualified workers to you. If they aren’t a perfect fit for your company, you haven’t lost anything – but if they slot right in, you’ll have found yourself valuable help with minimal effort on your part.

  1. Advertise Openings

In addition, you’ll want to make sure that your openings are well-advertised. You can’t just expect people to “know” that you’ll be hiring for the summer. That means getting the word out, which in turn means taking advantage of all manner of different online means by which to disseminate that information. Posting announcements on your company’s social media pages as well as on job boards and recruitment companies in Bangkok can help spread the word.

In addition, you’ll also want to take a targeted approach to your job advertising whenever possible. If you need workers with a specific skill set, focus your efforts on job boards where you know workers with those skills commonly apply. If you are looking to hire for seasonal roles which are traditionally filled by younger workers, you’ll want to make sure that you advertise in places where they’re sure to see those job listings, such as schools.

  1. Make the Hiring Process Faster

Another thing that can bog down your summer hiring is the slow pace of the HR process itself. In today’s online marketplace, there are more options for work and more job offers from more competitors than ever before. Companies that act slowly today risk not being around to see another summer. What’s more, no one feels like having to deal with a long, drawn-out hiring process at the peak of summer. That’s why it’s important to streamline the hiring process whenever possible.

  1. Pair Short-Term and Long-Term Workers

When you hire workers to work at your company at any other time of year, you might have HR professionals or other individuals work to get them up to speed on their new position. That’s all the more important when it comes to summer hiring, as you’ll be getting workers in place for jobs which are vital to your company’s upkeep while simultaneously seeking to do so on a time crunch. Pairing your seasonal workers with long-term workers can help the former learn how to emulate the latter, and even aspire to stay with the company for the long haul.

  1. Find Ways to Keep Workers On

This, in turn, is yet another good strategy to keep in mind when recruiting for summer help. Ideally, you’d like the best of that help to be there for longer than just the summer. You are always looking to grow your company, and that means offering new jobs to new and motivated employees. One of the biggest problems that companies can face is the lack of communication and trust which can stem from massive and repeated turnover. When workers come and go with rapidity, it sends the message that the company is fluid at best and chaotic at worst. Being treated as so seemingly interchangeable also doesn’t fill employees with confidence that their employer truly cares about them as employees or individuals. Focusing on retaining the best seasonal workers for the long haul can be beneficial for your company’s stability, chemistry, and reputation when it comes time to recruit for next summer.

  1. Look to the Future

Handle exit interviews well, and make people want to come back next season. In addition, the people you hire this time can stand to others as an example of how well your company treats employees, thereby spurring interest in other qualified workers to apply next season.

All this and more can help make your company a hot choice for job seekers this summer season.


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