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I do not go here to discuss the history of gun control in us, because there is a lot of literature available here on the internet. In the same way, I will not discuss the arbitrariness and anachronisms of the current “Disarmament Statute”. With its 37 articles, the Law, created in 2003 repealing all previous ones, practically prevents the purchase, possession and possession of firearms by the “ordinary” citizen, reserving the privilege to some “chosen” groups. The objective of the Act was, through increasing the difficulty of obtaining weapons and ammunition, to reduce the incidence of crimes committed with the use of firearms.

Almost 11 years after its promulgation, a simple statistical analysis proves that it did not reach its goal. Today, we are experiencing a real epidemic. Every 100 thousand inhabitants, we have 25.2 victims of it using their guns with noveske lower attached. We are in 18th place in a list of 218 countries.

For comparison purposes only, the USA has a 4.7 rate (111th place) and Switzerland, 0.6 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants (209th place). This was because the law was based on a mistaken thesis, that firearms are synonymous with violence and that, by restricting them, we would reduce the rates of violence. If this thesis were correct, the more weapons per capital, the more crimes.

The US, 1st place on the list, has 90 weapons for every 100 inhabitants. Switzerland, 4th place, has 45.7 weapons per 100 inhabitants. The data presented suffice to conclude that the fight against violence must be done through reform of criminal legislation, stricter laws, the fight against impunity of guns with noveske kx5 to it, of the best technical and material training of the Judicial Police, with duly paid and stimulated agents. And since the restriction on the purchase, possession and possession of arms is innocuous, it is time to reform the Disarmament Statute, making it more objective.


A bill for this purpose, authored by the Deputy-Federal Peninha, from SC, is in the National Congress. The proposal repeals the Statute and restores the citizen’s right to buy, hold and carry firearms for their defense, provided they meet a number of requirements. I read the proposal and its final report. Despite advances, it still brings lamentable vices and hangings, such as the inclusion of regulation of pressure guns, airsoft and toy guns in the legal text.

My suggestion is to simplify the legislation of your noveske kx3 as much as possible, leaving only the following points:

1) Organize SINARM as a weapons database, run by the Federal Police, fed by the State Civil Police, which would be responsible for the registration of firearms and issuance of the Authorizations for Porte.

2) To authorize the senior citizen, without background, with a fixed residence, to acquire 4 short weapons (revolvers and pistols), 6 longs (rifles, rifles and shotguns) and their respective ammunition, without restriction of caliber, establishing that collecting is above this .

3) Establish the Authorization for Portage under the terms of a Driver’s License. The citizen owner of firearms who wished to carry them would obtain, after approval in tests of technical qualification and psycho-technical examinations, authorization to carry any short weapon.

4) Establish harsh penalties for unauthorized possession and possession, leaving the rest to the Penal Code.


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